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Pixy setNextTurn not working

I’m coding a robot to navigate a course using line following. I need the robot to make certain turns at intersections, so I set “delayed turn” and used “setNextTurn” to make the turn. My problem is that the “setNextTurn” has stopped working in my code. I have tried an older code that had been working and the same is happening. The intersection is been seen and recognised by Pixy.
Any ideas what might be wrong? My thinking is it to do with Pixy, because the older code is not working?
Could it be in a configuration setting in the Pixy?

What does the line following algorithm choose when you call setNextTurn() and then the intersection shows up? I don’t think you should set delayed mode – that is, don’t call setMode(LINE_MODE_TURN_DELAYED).


Resolved the issue, Thank you.