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Pixy.so doesnt exist

Ive followed the instructions of this link to install the python API on my linux:
wiki:v2:building_libpixyusb_as_a_python_module_on_linux [Documentation] (pixycam.com)

It tells that a very recent error is the:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘_pixy’
As solution they are giving the adivce to copy the _pixy.so file from the directory pixy2/build/python_demos to the directory where i am running my python script.
However, I dont have the _pixy.so file. I’ve repeated the installation process many times and no results.
In the image below you can see all the files I have in the directory pixy2/build/python_demos.

I know there exist a discussion alread about this error ( ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pixy’ - Pixy Software - Pixycam), but i dont understand how they resolved it. At the end it seemed to be a python-version problem but they never explained what they have done with the _pixy.so.

i would very much appreciate your help

What do you get when you run this command from your bash shell prompt?:

which python