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Pixy wide angle lens

Just trying to find a wide angle lens for the pixy.

Will the following work?

Hello Brian,
Since Pixy is a color CMOS sensor, the lens needs an IR cut filter. It may be possible to add one to the back of the lens, but I’d feel more comfortable buying a lens that has an IR cut filter already. (my preference)



I thought I’d resurrect this thread instead of posting a new one.

I have a Pixy 2 and bought this lens for it:

I can get it to focus nicely, but weirdly it has a tighter FOV then the lens that came originally with the Pixy2.

Is there something I am missing here? The advertised specs are 180 degrees horizontal and this isn’t even close.

Any help you can provide would be fantastic.

Thank you!


UPDATE: I think I have found the problem. The lens isn’t the correct optical format, from looking at the Pixy documents the image sensor is 1/4" and this one is 1/2.3". I guess this means the image being projected onto the sensor is being cropped.

I’ll have to buy something else!

You’re right – the Pixy2 sensor is smaller which explains the reason the lens FOV is smaller. :slight_smile: