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Pixy2.1 Resulting in Error: no response with P1AM-100

I’m trying to connect my Pixy2.1 with my P1AM-100, which uses the SAMD21G18 Microcontroller like the Arduino MKRZERO. However, whenever I try to run the ccc_hello_world.ino example, I get “error: no response” in the serial monitor. I’ve trained several objects in PixyMon and the object recognition appears to work. However, after following all of the tips in https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:my_arduino_isn-27t_receiving_data_from_pixy, I still can’t get rid of the error message.

We don’t have one of those microcontrollers here. Do you happen to have another Arduino you can try?


Hi Edge,

I tried the Pixy with an Arduino Uno, and it worked perfectly. So, I did some digging and discovered that when I included the P1AM.h library, then the program broke. So maybe it could be conflicts between the two libraries.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure what’s in the file (P1AM.h) that might be causing issues, but that’s an important finding. You might try selectively commenting-out sections of P1AM.h to determine what’s causing the conflict.


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Hi Edward,

Thanks for the help! I decided to do the Pixy image processing on an Arduino Mkr Zero and then send the data to my P1AM.