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Pixy2.1 stops working ~10s after turning with lamp enabled

Im using a pixy2.1 that is connected straight into arduino mega 2560 and the arduino gets voltage from a 12v battery (if it’s relevant), anyways, i have encountered a problem that only when the lamp is enabled and im pretty sure only when the voltage is coming out of the battery, it begins working as usual and after 10-20 seconds it does some sort of a restart and from that point it restarts more frequently untill it doesn’t work, I feel like its some sort of an overheating problem.

It sounds like the voltage regulator is being overtaxed by the high voltage (12V) and the current requirements of Pixy (180mA typically). The voltage regulator is a linear regulator and will use heat to regulate the voltage. You might try dropping the voltage through some 1N4001 diodes (for example) to bring it closer to 7V. This will share the heat dissipation. If you can use a lower-voltage battery, it would also likely fix the issue.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: