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Pixy2 and Arduino Portenta H7 Lite

I am trying to use Pixy2 with the Portenta H7 Lite, and the camera is working fine on the main core M7 (for example “getBlocks()”). However, when I switched its use to the secondary core M4, everything compiled with no issues, but at run time, as soon pixy.init() gets activated, just no response from the camera. However, during this time, PixyMon still shows that the camera is working normally.

Has anyone tried this use configuration? Thank you for any pointer.

That’s a good question. From what I’ve read, the M4 core is a satellite processor with limited peripheral access. Does the M4 have access to the SPI port? I can’t seem to find the relevant information.


I2C on M4 also behaved poorly from my experience. I am still struggling to find a good use for that M4 core!