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Pixy2 and Nodemcu

Hello everyone, im working on a really hard schoolproject.
It’s working pretty well already but im having some issues.
I am using my pixy2 to scan barcodes and send this data to a PCA servo driverboard, this is already working. But now i am trying to send this data(the barcodes) to my Nodemcu esp8266. I am doing this because i want to know what the pixy2 sends to the servo’s so i can put this data on a site. It’s part of my school project. The issue is, the nodemcu can’t be used as a slave so how can i send the data from my pixy2 that is connected with arduino uno to the nodemcu ?

Sorry for the delayed response - we don’t have libraries for the NodeMCU, but we do offer a porting guide to help you use Pixy2 with any device. It looks like since Node supports I2C, you might try implementing that. I think you will need to write some code. Examples here: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:porting_guide