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Pixy2 class ? Where is it?


For the arduino, where is the Pixy2 class itself defined?

It’s not in the Pixy2.h file or anywhere else that I can find.

So, when you declare a Pixy2 object as in the various arduino examples for the Pixy2…

**// This is the main Pixy object **
Pixy2 pixy;

where is it picking up the class definition for Pixy2?


Hello Roger,
Most of the class is defined in the template class (TPixy):

And then the Pixy2 class is defined as the TPixy class with the spi serial communication link (LIne2SPI) in Pixy2.h:

typedef TPixy2 Pixy2;

These files are installed wherever your Arduino libraries are installed, usually \Documents\Arduino\libraries in Windows.

Hope this helps!