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Pixy2 detection on 82 feet


I am new in the vision detection community.
I am starting a new project and try to detect a target blazon from archery who has the demensions of 15.8 x 15.8 inches on a distance of 82 feet. The target are concentric colored circles with in the middle a yellow circle, Around a red circle then a blue circle, a black circle and finally a white background.
I am a compound bow shooter and I want to try to build system that when the target is in the middle ( x,y coordinates) of the cam view (mounted on the target scope on the compound bow) wireless (bleutooth, RF, other) gives an signal to the release arduino mounted system in my hand and this to release the arrow.
I wondering if the Pixy2 cam can do this without placing a telelens on it? The earlier version of Pixy had a 1/4 lens detached but the new one hasn’t.
Is it also possible to detache a lens on the Pixy2?
Best Regards,



Hello Johan,
Pixy2’s lens is fixed and can’t be changed (sorry). I’m not sure if a 16" target at 82 feet can be detected by Pixy2 (or Pixy). I’m tempted to try it myself, but I don’t have the time! :slight_smile:



Hello, Thanks for the quick response.
I know they sell sockets to mount a M12 1/4 inch telescopic lens to a minicam. I am also very good in making al kind of technical parts with my 3D printer. So I suppose because the earlyer version had a lens mounted so it also must be possible with the Pixy2. It is a pitty that they didn’t do it in the first place. It would extent the possibilitys of the Pixy2.