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Pixy2 does not recognize


I’m posting because I checked some topics but didn’t solve it.
To set the color to recognize using pixyMoni
When I connected pixy2 to Windows PC, it was not recognized as a USB device.


I checked with reference to the above site
In firmware update mode, because the device was recognized
I tried updating the firmware.
However, after launching the pixyMoni app, the LED of pixy2 lights red,
“Pixy CMUcam5 DFU” disappears from Device Manager,
The device will no longer be recognized.

I hope you find the information helpful.

*The above was written using a translation site.

It sounds like you are unable to update the firmware. Is this correct?

Do you have another computer you can try? It might help to determine if the computer you are using has some issue that is interfering with the Pixy2 device detecting or communication. Also, please make sure you are using a good USB cable. The USB cable that came with Pixy2 is preferred. Finally, try different USB ports. Blue USB ports are USB3.0 and they can sometimes cause issues on some computers.


Thank you for your reply.

It is unknown because it has not been confirmed whether the firmware has been updated.

I checked with another computer and another USB cable, but it was the same symptom.
Of course the USB port you are using is not blue.

After updating the firmware,
The PC rarely recognizes “Pixy CMUcam5”,
At that time, when you start the “PixyMoni” app, the following message will be displayed,
The image is blacked out.

“Cannot get hardware version.”

I hope that I can get some information that will bring me closer to resolving this issue.