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Pixy2 does not return data to EV3

Hello, my Pixy2 for some unknown reason stopped working with EV3. When I try to receive any data the output values may be zeros on every byte or just the mirrored ones i send.

The LED on the Pixy2 and the Pixymon app are working just fine with the camera. I tried to connect it with different cables and checked the data out port in the app and the result is the same. I am using the self-made cables. I have also noticed that when I am trying to fix this problem my camera does not heat, how it was before.

I have my WRO national competition in just 2 days so I would really like to receive your answer on this topic ASAP.

So you are able to connect to your Pixy over Pixymon and it works fine? It sounds like the cable might be faulty. Have you checked it with an ohmmeter?