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PIXY2 Framerate issue

Hi ,

I am actually using a pixy2 with a teensy 4.0 and arduino uno.
Both of them are using a SPI port on the pixy.

Using the example for ccc_hello_world and watching the data at serial com (115200 baud for uno) and way more with the teensy 4.0 , I am noticing a delay of 32-33 ms between each frame meaning that I am losing half of the processed frames (30fps) .

Is it normal to have that or the pixy isn’t designed to deal with 60 fps using SPI I2C or other ?

The framerate as advertised is working only with the Pixymon software not using SPI ?

Keep in mind that when you print to serial you lose several milliseconds. Since the frames are processed at a fixed frequency, if you miss the beginning of a frame, you’ll need to wait a frame period until the next frame is available. This is why you are losing half of the frames. If you remove the prints, you will be able to get full framerate.

Hope this helps!