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Pixy2, issue with onboard illumination LED

I just got this unit and it is pretty much love at first sight. I got much of the functionality up and running in under an hour. My only real issue right now is that I can’t seem to get the illumination LED to come on. I know it works because it flashes all the right colors in training mode. But when running the line tracking or color detection programs, the LED is always just barely on. It is so dim that you can see the three RBG leds and not the fused color.

I have played with the “LED Brighness” under the expert tab and hit the Apply button with no results. What am I doing wrong?

I am using:
PixyMon v2 version 3.0.23
Pixy2 firmware version 3.0.10 general build (queried)
Pixy2 hardware version 2.2.0 (queried)

in PixyMon2, under the ‘Action’ tab, the last item on the menu is ‘Toggle lamp.’

In the arduino libs there are keywords ‘setLED’ and ‘setLamp,’ which may be what you are looking for re coding.

I’m guessing the libs for python will have similar functions to control the LEDs.

I’m with you–although the leds turn on with ‘toggle led’ from the action menu, I can’t control brightness with the slider at configure/expert/control led brightness.

So it would seems that the self illumination LED is either off or on at 100% using the Toggle LED command. I think the slider for brightness is only for the feedback mode when learning colors. This is the way it behaves at least for me.

I can live with this, but some mention should be added to the user manual.

The led brightness is for the color connected components teach mode. Sometimes a bright led can interfere with the ccc algorithm. We dont currently have a brightness control for the lamp function. There is a challenge getting the image sensor synchronized with the pwm.

We will add more info to the docs.



I’m new to Pixy, and are testing the functions i Pixymon. But I can’t find how to turn on the LED.
One answer given here is to use “Toggle lamp” under the Action Tab.
But I don’t have this item in the Action Tab ?

Under Expert-Tab there is a slider for LED brightness.

The LED is on and flickering when connecting with USB to my PC (Windows 10).
When starting Pixymon the LED goes out.

Pixymon V2.09
Pixyboard marked with sticker “Pixy R1.3A 1605-21849”
Uploading new firmware made no difference. The file used is “pixy_firmware-2.0.19-general.hex”.
Pixy firmware version 2.0.19 general build (queried)

Any ideas ?

Hello Tony,
You have Pixy 1. Be sure you’re running PixyMon and Pixy firmware on this page:


Pixy1 doesn’t have a “lamp” mode.


OK Edward,
Thank you for the clarification. Pixy 1 has no “lamp mode”.
I have managed to turn on the LED using an Arduino. So I know it’s working.

Regarding the software, I already have the recommended versions installed for Pixy 1.
A bit confusing that PixyMon 2.0.9 has a slider for setting LED brightness in this case.
But nobody is perfect :smile: