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Pixy2 locks up computer

I seem to have a weird issue. I installed PixyMon and the drivers, however, whenever the Pixy is connected to the PC (mini-ITX running Win7), the cursor locks up. The Pixy window shows the scene and the scene changes if the pixy is pointed in different direction. Since the cursor is frozen, none of the Pixy menu items can be selected, indeed, nothing on the desktop can. If the Pixy is connected to the PC on bootup, without running the PixyMon software, the cursor is also frozen in place. There are a couple of other “features”, not just the cursor but the whole (wireless) keyboard is locked.

If I run the pixy on a desktop PC, also running Win7, everything works.

I’d appreciate any assistance,

Hi John, replied to your email, but perhaps @edge has some ideas here?

Thanks to those that replied, this issue is resolved - faulty USB cable!


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Hi John, glad you got it debugged! :slight_smile: