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Pixy2 perspective



How much is the pixy2 perspective? Do you have a larger view camera?


Hello Micro,
Pixy2 has 60 deg horizontal, 40 deg vertical field-of-view. Unfortunately, there are other choices with Pixy2. (sorry)



Do you have any plans for a larger view, a high resolution pixy2?


Hello Micro,
We are always interested in what people want and we keep a list of requested features and requested changes. Can you please describe your application and why you need wider fieldo-of-view and/or more resolution?



Hello, I see that others use pixy to track infrared for uav landing. How does pixy2 train to recognize and track infrared LED?


Check out IR-LOCK for info on that - they have developed their own solution for this. https://irlock.readme.io/docs