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Pixy2 Servo's Aren't Responsive

I’m having a hard time isolating what the issue might be for my new Pixy2 servo mount kit.

I have followed the assembly guide and have completed the assembly of the mount. On initialization- I am trying to use the demo program “pan_tilt”. My Pixy2 has already been updated to have a valid signature- and I can see it recognizing the signature correctly on the “color_connected_components” demo.

But after switching to the pan til demo- tracking powered by servo’s doesn’t work. I followed the troubleshooting guide- and confirmed that the pan and tilt connectors are correctly aligned .

I inputted the example manual servo movements into the console of PixyMon

rcs_setPos 0 1000
rcs_setPos 0 0
rcs_setPos 1 1000
rcs_setPos 1 0

and unfortunately only get back response: 0 (0x0) which I assume in an indication that the hardware wasn’t able to be reached for the instruction.

I am powering this device through the provided USB cable with a converter to USB-C on a MacOSX Catalina (10.15.6).

A note on the USB-C converter, I had removed it and plugged the USB directly into a Window’s desktop to see if the problem was the power conversion- and even then the response was the same.

Any help would be much appreciated- thank you!

Hi @HappyHippo,

sorry you’re having trouble! I believe the 0x0 response actually means “command executed with no errors”.

Just so I’m clear, you’re not getting any servo movement at all?


Also just to double check - do the servos move with gentle hand pressure when not connected to power, as described here?


Thanks for the reply @freed! Yup I get no movement what so ever. I have even removed the arm attachment that connects the servo to the Pixy2 board- to see maybe if that is jamming the servo’s movement, but still when it’s on the pan tilt demo- and recognizes an object, it doesn’t attempt to track by moving the servos :frowning:

I am able to manually move the servos with hand pressure without any attached power.

Hmm. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Let’s see about honing in on the problem - if you unplug one servo, and try exercising them again with the rcs_setPos commands, does anything change?

If you have Pixy2 plugged into power, and try moving the servos by hand, are they hard to move?

Do you have a multimeter handy?


Sorry for asking, but have you tried reversing the servo connectors? If the servos were plugged in backwards, you’d get no movement, or power like you describe.



Thanks for the reply @edge and @freed- I feel incredibly foolish in not checking that the connectors were inverted in the connection sockets :sweat:. I kept on inverting the connectors in the pan and tilt connection sockets :roll_eyes:

I appreciate both your helps and replies. Thanks you!

Hooray! Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything else!