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Pixy2 with Raspberry Pi


I am having Pixy2 with firmware version 3.0.11 and Raspberry Pi with Xubuntu 18.04. I need to interface Pixy2 with Raspberry Pi. I am referring this link.
I get the following error while running the Color Identification Example:

[email protected]:~/pixy2/build/get_blocks_cpp_demo$ ./get_blocks_cpp_demo
= PIXY2 Get Blocks Demo                                     =
Connecting to Pixy2...Error
pixy.init() returned -1

Also, I am not able to access output of Pixy2 using PixyMon while referring to this link. The error is:

[email protected]:~/pixy2/build/pixymon$ ./PixyMon
libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate

There are a few changes that I made using the PixyMon link. For example, there is no folder such as ‘bin’ in pixy2/build/pixymon/.


This might be a permissions issue. Try running get_blocks_cpp_demo or pixymon as root.


sudo ./get_blocks_cpp_demo