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Pixy2 zumo reverse with PID control

I would like to run in reverse with the PID control still effective.

I’m using the line_zumo_demo.ino on an arduino.

My zumo runs on an arc line. I want to reverse the robot back to the starting point. I am able to run in reverse by inverting the right/left signs and PID seems doing the compensation… zumo robot still drives away from the line.

Pixy2 camera is mechanically locked in front of the zumo.

Running in reverse is much harder because you can’t see where you are going. You can only see where you’ve been. It’s a bit like an inverted pendulum problem. It seems that if your robot can follow the line going forward, it should be possible to do the same in reverse. I believe this is true, but going in reverse may require something more advanced than PID. Just speculating though…


Hello Edward,

Thanks for your comment. You’re right. It’s hard just to see where you’ve been. haha

Will try to pan (180 degree) the camera to the rear, invert the wheel signals and see how it goes.