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Pixy2 zumo turns too fast

Is there any way to slow down the turn speed?

I’m using the Line tracking with line_zumo_demo.ino running on arduino.

It seems the pixy2 keeps the constant speed at turns. How can I tune/set the program to slow down on turns?

Pixy2 camera is locked in front of the zumo facing down and tilted to the same angle as the demo program (using pan/tilt servo).

Hi there! I think this is a question for @edge

Hello Edward,

I hope you could help. Thanks a lot.

There are two constants – ZUMO_FAST and ZUMO_SLOW that determine how fast Zumo’s motors turn. Have you tried reducing these values?


Hi Edward,

I did. ZUMO_FAST and ZUMO_SLOW is effective on a straight path. However, if ZUMO turns at the corners… it doesn’t slow down, it can make the turn though without overshoot.

One solution I tried is to compared the diffrence of left and right speeds. If the difference is more than 100 (usually on turns)… I reduce both speeds by 20%. But it’s a hit and miss thing since the PID is doing it’s job for this.

this is my current setting:
PIDLoop headingLoop(7000, 0, 0, false);

Please let me know your advice. Thanks again

You can also try modifying this line:

PIDLoop headingLoop(5000, 0, 0, false);

by reducing the 5000 (p-gain). Reducing this value will reduce the turning speed.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Edward.

Let me play with these parameters.