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Pixycam 2.1 sensor and lens specifications

Hello. I have the pixycam 2.1 camera and I would like to know what the specifications of both the sensor and the lens are. According to the specifications, the horizontal viewing angle is 80º. I show you the image from the camera.

What type of M12 lenses can be used to replace the original lens? I need to reduce the viewing angle from 80º to 50º or 25º approximately.

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Pixy2.1 ships with an M12 1.7mm lens with IR-cut filter. Finding an M12 lens with IR-cut filter is sometimes difficult. Here’s one with a 3.6mm focal length:

Although we haven’t tried it…

To get the horizontal field of view for a lens use this equation:

horizontal field of view = 2*atan(1.43/f)
where f is the focal length in mm. So a 3.6mm lens like the one in the link above would have about a 40 degree horizontal field of view.

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Thanks for your answer.
The value of 1.43, where has it been obtained? What is the format of this sensor?

The sensor format is 1/4"?
H:3.74mm and V:2.5mm?
For the above value of H the FoV is 95º using the following expresion FoV = 2*atan(H/2·f)

Can the fisheye effect of the lens change the FoV calculation values?

Could it be that the sensor is not 1/4" format but smaller than 1/6"?

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The sensor is Aptina MT9M114 (~1/6" diagonal).


Thanks a lot.