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Pixycam 2 for driveway detection

Hi - I am building a robot rover that will drive down a very long blacktop driveway surrounded by grass and other vegetation. I was thinking i would get a camera and feed a RasbPi and use OpenCV and a PID library to come up with an algorithm.

I came across the Pixycam 2 and wondering if it can take care of this instead of a RasbPI/OpenCV solution. Would be great if i could off load the processing to Pixycam and use an arduino.

Is Pixycam the right solution for my application?

Pixy uses contrast to detect lines. If there is decent contrast between the driveway and the grass, Pixy should have no problem detecting the driveway. You can take a b&w picture of the driveway and check for yourself if there is decent contrast – that is, if the driveway is significantly darker than the grass (for example).

Another factor to consider is geometry. If the driveway is wide, it may take up the entire image unless you can increase the height so that Pixy can see the driveway and much of what’s on each side of the driveway.