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PixyCam 2 with RobotC EV3


I was hoping someone wrote a RobotC EV3 library for the PixyCam 2. I want to use the pixy for the RoboCup Jr. competition, and I didn’t want to use the EV3 drag and drop blocks interface. I already looked into the Mindsenors Adapter for the pixy but it only works with the old pixy and, they discontinued it.

I have the Pixy2, non-lego version(I don’t know if that makes a difference since I made my own cable to connect it to the EV3).
I have the latest version of RobotC software.


Hello Aadithya,
I’m not sure you’re up for the task, but I’ll describe it anyway —

For ev3dev and RobotC on the EV3, it will probably make the most sense going through the porting guide and porting over the complete Pixy2 API instead of using the LEGO I2C protocol, which implements a somewhat simplified version of the API. Still, the Pixy2-LEGO cable is the cable that should be used, and I2C is the serial communication mode that should be used with the EV3.


Thanks for responding so quickly. The link is very useful. I am now writing my own RobotC library for pixycam 2 and I will post it here.

Cool! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hello Aadithya,

I would like to use PixyCam 2 in RobotC EV3 too. May I ask if you have finished your library and are willing to share that with me please?


I was wondering if it’s possible to program the pixy2 camera to work with the ev3 software?

Please check out this page: