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Pixycam object distance is low

I am trying to use pixycam to detect a 3 colored tag through color connected components the size of the tag is 6x8 cm but pixycam can only detect it at a distance of 1.3 m and cant detect it past that distance while it said on the pixy guide/documentation it it can detect an object upto 3 meter’s. I am using the latest pixy 2.1 and the lighting conditions are also ideal can somebody tell me what can i do to increase this length

It’s all about the size and distance as a ratio. You can detect an object miles away (in theory) if it’s big enough, and fail to detect an object fairly close if it’s too small.

There’s this:

Bear in mind with color tags, it’s the sizes of each tag element that needs to large enough, not the color tag as a whole.

To get the most distance, the color signatures need to be fairly accurate. This page can help:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: