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Pixycam turns off automatically

Issue: Pixycam seems to turn off after a few seconds while EV3 program is running.

Setup: Pixycam R1.3A connected to NXT 1.31 firmware with latest EV3 software & Pixy blocks imported. Using standard EV3 infinite loop. Inside infinite loop is Pixy block with X position sent to screen & then 1000 ms wait so screen can be updated & read. All objects cleared in Pixymon and then object taught thru Pixymon & then the USB cable to Pixymon is disconnected.

Details: After teaching an object to Pixycam or after disconnecting the USB cable to Pixymon, and running the program, Pixycam reports appropriate values to the NXT & these are displayed on the NXT screen. The LED on the front of Pixycam shows the object lock/color information. After a few seconds, the LED turns off and zeros are reported on the NXT screen. It looks as if Pixycam has shut off or gone to sleep. Pixycam will remain in this state until something is done that wakes it up.

Does the Pixycam require a keep alive signal of some kind?

Thank you for your help.

Sorry for the problems. Pixy should never turn off, shut down, or go to sleep.

When you say “something is done that wakes it up”, what is done?

The NXT is particularly sensitive to battery levels when using with Pixy. If you are using rechargeable batteries, you might try fresh alkaline batteries to see if it makes a difference.


Thanks for getting back. This Pixycam turns back on if you press the teach button or if you plug in the USB cable to connect Pixymon. After button teaching or removing the USB cable, it will stay on for a few (5-8) seconds regardless of turning on NXT motors or not.

We are using fresh Alkaline batteries. I did notice that Pixycam will turn off immediately after unplugging the USB cable if the Alkaline batteries are low.

Thank you for your help.

Just to clarify, when you say “it will stay on for a few seconds” do you mean the LED is responsive while it is “on” and not illuminated when it is “off”?

It does sound like a power issue. I’m not sure what the best solution is because I suspect it’s your NXT’s ability to provide enough current to Pixy.

Do you have another NXT brick you can try? or possibly an EV3? (The EV3 can provide roughly 2x more power to its sensors vs the NXT).


Clarification: When I think it is on, the LED is responsive to the color it is tracking & it is providing a non-zero result for the tracked item to the NXT (program displays the X value on the screen). When I think it is off, the LED is off & the X value displayed is zero even when the taught item is easily in front of the camera.

We do not have an EV3 to try it on. Maybe we should try a different sensor input. Otherwise, is there a good way to power the Pixycam separately?

Yes, you can provide power for Pixy1 through the power connector: