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Pixycam2 python on raspberry pi giving segmentation fault


Currently I’m running the SWIG python get_lines_python_demo.py file on my Raspberry pi 4 model B and everytime I run that or another file of my own creation I get a segmentation fault whenever calling the get_all_features(), and when I do not call that function the camera does not seem to pick anything up. I’m using the line tracking feature of the pixycam2 and trying to get the m_x, m_y, and m_flag values from a barcode.

Whenever I run the cpp executable file in the get_lines_cpp_demo folder however, the camera seems to work perfectly and sees the barcode I am holding up.

Is there any fix to this issue?

Sorry for the problems. Do any of the python demos work? (e.g. get_blocks_python_demo.py)

You are running build_python_demos.sh described on the page below (yes?)