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Pixymon does not find Camera - Win 7 - AMD Ryzen

Greetings all,
i have a original pixycam from a friend. I can see it as installed in my Device Manager, drivers are ok also in flashmode i can see it as DFU device. Pixymon does not recognize it. I guess the firmware on the cam is quite outdated, might that be the problem?

What i did:

  • Testcyle with LED colors works as intended
  • Delete all drivers and reinstall
  • Check for in the troubleshooting mentioned USB Controlers
  • Downloaded new firmware .hex but cant upload it with pixymon
  • Tested different USB Cables, veryfied that they work with other hardware
  • Tested different USB Ports (USB 2.0, USB 3.0)

I am out of ideas and hope someone can help.
I guess it has something to do with the way Ryzen CPUs USB ports work…

Thank you very much!

Hi, I suspect you might be using the wrong version of PixyMon, or wrong firmware version - can you confirm that you are using the software from this page? https://pixycam.com/downloads-pixy1/

If all is correct and you’re still not detecting Pixy, could you try using a different computer to rule out some kind of software conflict?


Hi Jesse,
thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, i use PixyMon 2.0.9 from the downloads section of pixy 1.

I can try it on my laptop, but it only has USB 3. Will do and report back.