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PixyMon error, won't connect to Pixy


Does anyone know how to fix this?

Full error is
error: This Pixy’s firmware version (3.0.11) is not compatible with this PixyMon version (2.0.10). Pixy detected.

New Pixy Nov. 2018 HW version 2.2, New download of PixyMon Nov. 2018 on Ubuntu 18.04. Invoke PixyMon and it detects Pixy on USB but image is black and PixyMon repeats error message about every 4 seconds.


It looks like you are running the older version of Pixymon. The PixyMon v2 for Pixy2 is available via https://github.com/charmedlabs/pixy2. The Linux installation notes are here:


There was an older github link that was fixed recently – if it tripped you up, our apologies!



That worked–thanks.

Just one comment about the installation notes, it looks like you fixed something in the install script however the instructions need to be updated.

Instructions say
"2.3.2. Change directory to the PixyMon build folder

In the terminal window type:

cd …/…/…/build/pixymon/bin/"

The actual location of PixyMon executable is one directory up (not in …/bin/)

Once again thanks,