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Possible to get blocks without CCC?

Is it possible to get blocks without the CCC program running in PiixyMon? The reason being, where I need my ddevice to be setup I wont have access to a USB cable for the pixy, and it may get snagged as the device turns lefft and right even if I could get a cable in.

Im trying to make use of the pixy1 compatibility mode but suspect some issues Im having may be related to using the old library. Id like to try the new pixy2 library to see if it’ll solve some issues.

Anyway, while I wait for an answer, I’ll rewrite my code andd see if it works any differently with the pixiy2 library andd CCC while I still have my ddevice in a test environment where a USB cable is availible.

Hi, I think what you’re trying to do is run the CCC program (which detects colors and reports them via getblocks) without being connected to USB. Right?

This is possible; you just need to train your Pixy beforehand on the colors you want it to track. You can use our guide here to teach objects: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:teach_pixy_an_object_2

Then unplug from USB and connect to another power source. Guide on powering Pixy: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:powering_pixy

Pixy will run the CCC program by default, and output blocks over whatever interface it is configured to use. Guide on configuring Pixy’s output: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:porting_guide

Hope this helps!


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Oh this is exactly what I wanted, thank you Jesse.

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