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Pulling Pixy out of a while loop Sacar Pixy de un bucle while

Hello everyone!!

I have the loop() of the Pixy P-zumo_chase scketch within a while loop

My scketch works with Blynk, and when I send to the condition of while a variable to leave the condition … doesn’t recognize me and keeps running Pixy that always works well…

how could I for Pixy’s execution?

a greeting. Thanks a lot

hola a todos!!

tengo el loop() del scketch P-zumo_chase de Pixy dentro de un bucle while

Mi scketch trabaja con Blynk , y cuando le mando a la condicion de while una variable para salir de la condicion …no me la reconoce y sigue ejecutando Pixy que funciona siempre bien…

como podria para la ejecucion de Pixy ?

un saludo. Muchas gracias

My apologies, I’m having trouble understanding your question.

Can you please describe what you are trying to do in more detail?

What is “Blynk”?


Thank you very much Edge!!
Pixy works very well
a greeting. Good morning