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Question about Pixy Laser Video

I was recently researching to have Pixy track a laser, then move the laser when something interrupts it. I saw a video posted by Pixy on their youtube (this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-JBesTWeJg&t=1s) and wanted to know if there was any source code available for that. Our goal is to attach the laser to pixy (or have it separate), then have the laser move every time Pixy detects that an item (tennis ball in this case) interrupts the laser.

The YouTube video is almost exactly what I want to do, just on a slightly bigger scale. Does anybody know how to make this work, or an idea of the code or parts I could use?

Hannelore & Elena

There’s no source code available, but the way to detect if something interrupts the laser is by mounting the laser at an angle. This way if something interrupts the laser beam, the beam “jumps” and Pixy can detect. That’s what’s happening in the video.