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R27 Resistor Information

we are a 2nd year FRC team and we were using the Pixy2 camera that we supplied to us the year before. While doing some tests we found the Pixy2 didn’t work anymore. We couldn’t get any outputs, the computer wouldn’t recognise it and so on. After a while we are confident we know the cause to be the R27 resistor missing. This makes sense in our context because while trying to get it to work again we sometimes got a response for a split second when its metal base rotated(probably connected the two points together).
So while we know the problem we can’t find the resistor value we need to get to solder it on again.
We couldn’t find any documentation mentioning the electronic components, nor were the google images clear enough to read the resistor code.

We thought someone here may know it. Any information is welcomed and appreciated.

It looks like R27 is a 150 ohm 0603 5% resistor. But I don’t expect it would affect your Pixy’s communication because it only affects the LED.

Note, you can find the schematic here:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: