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Reading a Gas Meter


I am new to this forum and the Pixy2 product.
Can these be used to learn the movements of an analog gas meter?
The meter has an analog dial with an underlay of a green, yellow, and, red reading.

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gas meter

If the Needle were a color other than black, Pixy would have a good chance of being able to read it’s value. Or if the needle has a round blue dot marker at the end of the needle (for example) you could have Pixy find the blue dot position and hence where the needle was indicating.

Hope this helps!


Hi Edward,

Thank you for your informative and prompt answer to my question.



Hi Edward, I just found a meter that has a white needle, and do you think the Pixy will be able to read this with a green/yellow/red background? Thank you, Jon

In general, Pixy can see objects that have a distinct hue (color). Black and white are not good choices because they have no hue. There is more information here:

A white needle on the color background might possibly work if the white needle is wide enough to make Pixy think there are 2 color objects – one on each side of the needle. What’s more likely though is that Pixy will only see the color background as a single object.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: