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Recognizing led objects in dark

Hello, i was thinking of using pixy for a following bot and the idea was to use some object attached to me for it to follow it. Now,i was wondering if it could detect such object in dark if i were to somehow luminate it?

Imagine the led bulb on you but not as bright as the actual one, and let’s say for purposes of this question it’s green or red.
I think it should be recognizable enough for tracking it on daylight, but could it be tracked in nigh time environment if it were to glow in the same color?

Im guessing it should be possible if i teach it and save that conf for 2 different readings. One On the other Off

Thanks for any help :+1:

Pixy is quite good a tracking a colored light source. You will need to reduce the “Camera brightness” to a pretty low setting such that the illuminated object doesn’t over-exapose the camera.


You can enable overexposure highlighting to help:

That is, reduce the camera brightness until the illuminated object isn’t overexposed before you teach and track.