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Robogoalkeeper, pixy

Hello everyone, I use google translator, i’m from russia. I am trying to make a children’s entertaining toy, a robot goalkeeper, so that the children can train. At the moment, the device is working very poorly.


Hello Alex,
Thank you for sharing your video! Congratulations on getting it working. Keep us informed how it goes!


Maybe you can have some tips on how to improve the accuracy of this device. Maybe through arduino?

at the moment, I really miss the speed of response. In pixy mon I couldn’t get the speed I needed.

Hello Alex,
Running PixyMon can definitely slow things down. You’re likely to only get about 20 frames/sec with PixyMon running with video enabled. You should either set the View to “Blocks” to improve this, or possibly don’t run PixyMon unless you want to debug.

Additionally, if you using an Arduino and printing to the console, this can really slow things down as well.

This page has some tips on improving accuracy:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I am using this servo here. His speed should be enough which is declared by his seller. But I still cannot achieve the required speed, I seem to have done everything on the camera settings.


You might consider a gear multiplier – putting a large gear on the servo and a small gear on the arm. This way the servo will move the arm faster. :slight_smile:


I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.