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Run Pixy2 on Lego EV3 with Simulink

I want to use the Pixy2 (Lego version) with my Lego EV3 Brick and program everything with Simulink.
In Simulink (V24), there is already a ready-made block for the Pixy2, but I’m not getting any output.
All the original Lego sensors work, but I’m not receiving any signals from the Pixy2.
In the Lego Mindstorms Line Tracking Demo, the Pixy2 works and the vector is displayed on the screen.
Has anyone ever done this in Simulink?

Best regards

I stumbled upon this:

If you’re using the LEGO firmware, it won’t work with the way they are using Pixy. You will need to install the general firmware. This page can help get your LEGO Pixy to act like a regular Pixy:


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

thank you for the help.
I thought it would go directly from Pixy to Simulink, but then I’ll have to get an Arduino and take the route you showed.
Sorry, I don’t have much experience with this yet.

That was very helpful, thank you very much.

Best regards