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Solution for VMWare if Pixy is detected but cannot connect

I’ve seen a few posts in this forum as well as notes in the Linux documentation warning against VMs because of strange USB behaviour, and I have found a solution in the VMWare knowledge base under Problems using some USB devices in a virtual machine (774), specifically the quirks item (number 5 in the troubleshooting list).

This solution may also solve some of the issues raised in the Pixy Detected - Error Unable To Connect post, especially if you are also experiencing that looping behaviour.

I would recommend reading the full troubleshooting guide from VMWare, but these tweaks helped me follow the steps for the quirks solution :

  • when looking through vmware.log I used search to find “Pixy” because there are a lot of logged usb items!
  • using the first suggestion for the quirk, i.e. the skip-reset command with the Pixy’s vid and pid, worked for me after saving and closing the files and restarting the VM.

    Important note: this works if the command is skip-reset (not skip-refresh as in the guide)

Hi Physcrowley,
Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing your findings! :slight_smile:


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