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Supplying the Vin (6-10V) pin with 5V

Hi, I can only deliver 5V (stabilized) to the Pixy2 and using the 5V pin is not possible in my case because of a connector I am using, so I can only use the Vin pin (6-10V). I use the SDA/SCL pins for communication, and tested my setup and it seems to work fine, but I would like more information on the impact of providing the linear voltage regulator of the Pixy2 with 5V when 6-10V is recommended, please.

Hello, ’
If you supply 5V to the Vin pin, the regulator will drop about 0.5 to 0.6V so Pixy will be operating with a voltage of around 4.3V. It’s possible that Pixy can function at this voltage, but it’s not recommended or guarnteed. (sorry)