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Track a laser source using Pixy 2


We are using the Pixy 2 to track a diverged red laser source (directly rather than a laser spot on a surface) in a dark room. The video below shows how it looks like.


However we notice that the detected block sometime changes its size drastically (quite obvious around 10 seconds of the video) while neither the camera nor the laser source is moving. This causes the returned XY position to fluctuate around quite a few pixels. The signature is set using the center of the laser spot which has the most intensity. What parameters should we tweak to make the detected block more stable?

Any help would be really appreciated!

There is some noise in the image that can create some noise in the detection. You might try decreasing the framerate by reducing “Min frames per second”:


You can also try averaging the measurements from Pixy over several measurements. This can reduce noise.

Hope this helps.