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Tracking Eye Movement

Hello Pixycam-ers! :smile: I have a project where I’d like to track eye movement, horizontally to the left or to the right. Before diving too deeply into to this, I was wondering if anyone has done something similar. I was thinking to train on the center of the eye - the pupil or perhaps the iris. Any feed back is appreciated.

Here’s a pic of eye terminology for reference

Hi Russ! I don’t think Pixy2 is ideal for this, unfortunately…it is designed to track brightly colored objects, and does not do well with black, gray, brown, etc objects. Depending on eye color, you could try teaching the iris, but your results may be inconsistent.

There are other systems available - here’s a tutorial for OpenCV: https://medium.com/@stepanfilonov/tracking-your-eyes-with-python-3952e66194a6

Hope this helps!