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Two PIXY cameras connected to one LEGO Mindstorms. Will it work?

I’m going to use two CMUcam5 with one LEGO Mindstorms.
Did anybody try to do it?

Hello Alexander,
This is a good question. I don’t think this is supported, but let me ask around and see what I find.


Hi Edward,
Thank you for your response!
I think if PIXY LEGO block has port selector then each camera will work independently.
And they should not interfere with each other. No?

It will be very interesting to get comments from the developers, or those who have
used two cameras or more simultaneously.


I am using 2 pixy cameras on the one lego brick. They r both running the pixy lego firmware so have the same I2C bus address but this doesn’t matter because they are plugged into different ports on the brick.

Hi Shane,
Thanks for the info! We have verified that this works as well. Pretty cool :slight_smile: