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Understanding the chase program


I am new to Lego Mindstorms EV3 and I am trying to understand the chase program that is supplied with the camera.

It would really be a huge help is someone could annotate the code so that I can understand how it works as I am getting stuck from the very first logic block!

Here is an image of the Lego Chase program:


Any help greatly appreciated


we have a writeup here, please let me know if this doesn’t answer your questions!



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Hi Jesse thanks for replying. I saw the guide which explains the pixy parts well, but do have a few questions - mainly because I know so little about mindstorms

I can’t work out what the first 2 blocks are doing. The first Pixy block does not use the outputs of any of the tabs, and the logic compare block - doesn’t that always output true?

So then, is true always being passed to the 2 switch blocks? That doesn’t seem to make sense, so I’m wondering what I’m missing.

Thanks for your patience.


I’m going to defer to @edge here, I believe he knows this better than I do…