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Using Arduino Alvik robot with Pixycam

I’m looking for advice on whether the Pixycam is compatible with the new Arduino Alvik robot: https://www.arduino.cc/education/arduino-alvik/

I’ve only used the Pixycam with an Arduino using the standard cable provided with the Pixycam kit. If it is compatible:

  1. Can this same cable be used or is there a custom cable needed?
  2. Is the voltage supply correct?
  3. Any code examples available to use that would work for this robot with a Pixycam?

Most of the connectors on Alvik are 3.3v and Pixy needs 5v to be fully functional. (It looks like there is 5V available through the servo connectors.) There is also the need for a custom cable. It looks doable to get Pixy and Alvik working together, but a more skilled person would probably need to be involved in designing the cable, etc. We would be happy to help you get it working if you want to go down this path.