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Using color codes with varying lighting conditions

I am building a robot, and I want to use my Pixy2 to detect color codes markers positioned at various points around a room to help navigate. My problem is getting consistency in detecting the cc values are various location since the lighting is slightly different. Some locations are slightly brighter or darker then others.
The Pixy2 color detection seems to be very sensitive to the amount of light. I’m not talking about large light changes. If there is an overhead light off to one isde of the room, some markers will have more light on there surface than others. I simply can’t get consistent results.
Does anyone suggestions?

Sorry for the problems. How many tags are you using for each color code? What are their colors? Orange, purple and green would be good choices for colors (for example), yellow, orange and red would be less-good because they have similar color components.

Getting the signatures tuned can help significantly as well. Here’s a good page for tuning color signatures:


If the framerate isn’t an issue, reducing the framerate (also described in the link above) can improve detection accuracy.

Hope this helps!