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Using Pixy for Calibration of CNC Machine?


I’ve developed software that uses openCV/python and a cheap usb endoscope to calibrate a CNC machine by recognizing the position of black squares printed on a white 4-foot x 8-foot banner and developing an error matrix. If interested, look here:

I’m looking at the possibility of offloading the processing and saw the Pixy 2. The software I developed uses routines from pyimagesearch to locate the squares and determine where the center is located. If all I need to do is accurately determine the center of black squares on white background (likely only one square will be visible at a time), is the Pixy2 up to the task? The camera will be maybe 3 inches away from the calibration pattern and the squares are 0.5 to 0.6 inches in size (we are trying different patterns). Because this is used for calibrating a CNC machine, it’s important it be very accurate at determining the center position.


Pixy’s detection algorithm is based on hue/color, so detecting black squares is something Pixy will not do because black (and white) has no hue, but you could use red squares for example. Regarding the accuracy, the position estimate of detected objects is within 4 or so pixels of the actual center, so fairly accurate, but not pixel-perfect.

Hope this helps!