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Using the Pixy2 Camera with a Braccio Tinkerbot


For our final project in engineering we have decided to use the Braccio Tinkerbot along with the Pixy2 camera to pick up certain coloured items when they come down a conveyor belt and place them into their respective coloured bin.

My question is how do you translate the Pixy2 recognising the colour to moving the robotic arm?

I have the Pixy2 recognising the colours that are needed for the project and I can move the robot arm but we are stuck on how to get the robot arm to move when a colour is detected if that makes sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You’re having trouble determining when to move the arm? I was thinking that where to move the arm is a difficult problem because you need to figure out how to translate the Pixy camera coordinates of the detected object into coordinates for your robot arm to move. This problem is called camera calibration, and it can sometimes be challenging. If you google around, you can find some of the easier camera calibration techniques.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Could you send sample code/more documentation on how to camera calibration between the Pixy2 and Braccio arm?

hello, i am using the pixy camera with arduino to make it drqw shapes (like squares etc…) so my question is how can i use the pixy camera so these shapes would no have any mistakes and the lines would be straight?

I’m not understanding your application. You wish to draw shapes? Do you wish to draw shapes to a screen? Do these shapes correspond to what Pixy has detected?