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Video and data at the same time?


Hello guys,

I am wondering if there is a way to have video from Pixymon and the corresponding data (x-y location and size) output at the same time?

I am using Beaglebone Black with usb connection with the Pixy2.

I’ve tried running get_blocks_cpp_demo and pixymon v2 at the same time but failed. It seems I need to output the data from pixymon v2 using SPI with SS based on How to talk to Pixy2. But since I have little experience in it, I am wondering if there is an example code receiving some simple data using SPI to help me get started.

Or there is an easier way around to do this, e.g. some hidden function that outputs data in pixymon v2 directly?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance!



When using USB, you cannot have both PixyMon and a libpixyusb application running.

You are on the right track with the other serial ports (SPI, UART, etc) because you can run PixyMon with these sending data simultaneously. You will need to get an SPI (or UART, I2C) working separately on your Beaglebone Black No one has done this (to my knowledge). The porting guide can help if you want to add this functionality:


We haven’t provided this for Beaglebone or Raspberry Pi because it requires a higher level of expertise to make a custom cable. (sorry)