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View Pixy2 using RPI / Updates?

I went to the page that list Pixy2 to RPI … Used the data that was stated yet keep getting a lot of Bash from lines that do not work accordingly.
Are there any new updates for Pixy2 to RPI?
And exactly how do I view the Pixy2 using the RPI?

There seems to be little information on this subject …more directed towards Arduino.

This page is a good starting point:


And there are several demos you can build in the scripts directory:

Please share your experiences – especially any problems you encounter.


Thanks Ed …

YUP! that’s where I started. I followed the instructions to the end…
When I ran the script

cd ./pixy2/build/get_lines_cpp_demo
sudo ./get_lines_cpp_demo
I would get a Batch error msg…

Yet what was odd when I ran the script
cd ./pixy2/build/get_blocks_cpp_demo
sudo ./get_lines_cpp_demo
There were no issues…

Yet there is a lot of information that is missing for the new guy …
I do not know how you see image from the cam using RPI using these scripts I actually need live video feed with the video auto saving to file not just video files that I have to pull up to see. …

For someone who does this either for a living or everyday it’s easy to manipulate through what needs to be done … For the new guy who’s learning and does not know who to contact or work with it’s a challenge because he is now stuck and when asking for help some people are reluctant to help others which I do not understand.

Any support from Pixy?

Hi Tex,

sorry you’re having trouble! It would be useful if you posted the full text of any errors you’re seeing, instead of just mentioning you got an error.

Re: viewing the video feed on RPi, you can do this by installing PixyMon: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:installing_pixymon_on_linux

Personally I find that working with Arduino is much more user friendly. The Pi is much more complex, being a full computer running Linux, where the Arduino is much simpler, being a single IC executing code that you send it from the Arduino programming environment.

Unfortunately there’s no (easy) way to save the video that Pixy is seeing…you can save frames, but not full video. Can you say more about why you need this functionality?


Thanks Jesse …
I agree with you on the Arduino being easier set up with the Pixy.

The reason for the RPI is for a special drone project using the Pixy and RPI together … RPI will be using an SSD instead of a TF Card in the mix with a cell phone RPI shield. The Pixy will be my object finder that I’ll need as part of this project. I do not believe I would be able to get the results of startup programming using the Arduino.

Thanks for the link. https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:installing_pixymon_on_linux
I did not see this link posted. I will certainly give this a try and see how it works for my project.

Worked like a champ! … Have it running

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