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What is the Max X and Y of the pixy2

What is the Max X and Y of the pixy2?

Hi Robert,

I think you’re asking about the upper bounds of the X-Y coordinates that Pixy will return. Those are described here: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:ccc_api

The X ranges from 0 (left) to 315 (right). The Y ranges from 0 (top) to 207 (bottom).

Hope this helps!


Why an odd number

Why an odd as in not even or why and odd as in strange?

The 0 to some odd (not even) is common because it always represents an even number of possibilities.

The numbers are based on QVGA values but we can’t grab the first pixes on each scanline because of timing constraints.


I need to convert the x and y coordinates of the pixycam to centimeters. Is there a key for something like that.

This topic might help:

In general, the camera only sees pixels. You can calculate inches/pixel for objects at a fixed distance from the camera lens, but that value (inches/pixel) will change if the object moves closer or farther away from the lens. Hope this helps.