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What is the Parameter for Color code signature in arduino?

Hello. So im trying to use the color code signature option which you can combine multiple color like in the documentation. Is the color code signature same as the normal signature when coding on arduino? because in the normal signature this is the code that i did use " pixy.ccc.blocks[1].m_signature" . What about for color code signatures? is there a code for arduino to call it out, for example if CC signature 1 is detected we want to do after detecting a CC signature. is there a variable that we can use to call out or get CC signatures?

Hi @zeamers,

good question! This is slightly hidden in the documentation, but I was able to track it down here: https://docs.pixycam.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wiki:v2:ccc_api

You can call getBlocks with the sigmap variable. The most-significant-bit in the sigmap variable (128 or 0x80) is used for color-codes.

@edge can check me here, but I believe that this means if you’re looking for data on color code 1, you would set sigmap to 129 (128 plus 1). For info on color codes 1 and 2, set sigmap to 131. And so on…