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White Push Button on Pixy 2.1

Hello Pixy Support,

I am new at using the Pixy 2.1 (actually mine says Rev 2.3 2021 in the back), and I am wondering about the use of the white push button found on the right of the lens when looking at the camera from its front.

Thank you


This paragraph from " Teach Pixy2 an Object" explains the function of the white push button:

“Keeping these guidelines in mind, choose an object to teach Pixy2. (First, apply power to Pixy2 via battery or USB cable if you haven’t already. When you power up Pixy2, it will go through a series of LED flashes. Wait for the LED to turn off before teaching Pixy2 an object.) Now, hold down the button on top of Pixy2. After about 1 second, the LED will turn on - first white, then red, then other colors - but when it turns red, release the button.”


Got it!
Thank you so much!

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